About Me


I'm Shannon, a total introvert so talking about myself is not my strong area. I love my family, my fur baby Scooby & of course YOUR BABIES! I was a nanny for many years & really grew a close bond with all the families. I sent pictures of their children every day to their mom & dad while they worked. This is where my photography passion started & grew.

The rest is history.

Our Studio

The Ity Bity Photography studio has an abundance of natural light filling a spacious photograph room. The Prop Room has beautiful wraps, backdrops, outfits & props to choose from for your custom session. A sitting area is available for siblings to play while mom & dad relax during longer sessions. Coffee, snacks & TV are also provided.

I've made my studio space special by adding so much of my personality & style to it. I feel your creative space should feel like a part of you so you can work at your best. A lot of my energy is throughout the space & really shows in my images as well. I look forward to working with you & your new family in this comfortable inviting space. 

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