Scroll to the end to see THE BEST photo in their gallery in my opinion 😂🤣 AND YES I did include that in the gallery because it tells the journey we’ve had together. Wanna hear the story?

In 2019 I had the pleasure of meeting baby Gianna! She was the sweetest little thing. As she grew she also became a tad shy. Mom of course warned me of this & was nervous how the sessions would turn out as she got older.

I tell you Gianna is one of the funniest, smartest little girls & she thinks I am pretty funny too. I give her plenty of time to warm up to me when she arrives, & I kick this orange ball with her during every single session. You would never know from her pictures that she is so shy. Do you know why? Because we give her time. We make her feel safe. THEN we make her giggle. I think sometimes kids get thrown into unknown situations quickly & are expected to perform. That is not real life. Especially with little ones who are shy.

I am so glad this family picks me over & over again to capture these memories & trusts that I will make their kids not only have fun but have a fun story to tell about each time with me.

I will forever kick your favorite orange ball with you Gianna & I most certainly will take a picture of it in each set (per her request lol) just to make you laugh 😆

~Shannon from Ity Bity