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Baby Girl Aubrey | 35 Days New

Baby Aubrey was welcomed into the world in December, weighing a whopping 9lbs 3oz. She was the cutest newborn baby & I was so excited to be chosen as her photographer. Her journey began with a slight detour, as both she and her mama experienced a brief NICU hospital stay. It was a challenging start as a new mama & baby, keeping us eagerly waiting to welcome them into the studio. Fortunately, their health prevailed, and the day finally arrived for them to savor the joy of being home together.

From the moment Baby Aubrey stepped into our newborn photography studio, it was evident that she was a wide-eyed explorer, curious to unravel the mysteries of the Ity Bity world. Fondly named "the nosey newborn," she captivated us with her keen interest in every detail around her, making it a challenge to coax her to sleep initially.

The newborn session began with a gorgeous purple set, accentuating the color of Baby Aubrey's eyes as she observed our every move. We couldn't help but marvel at her curiosity until, eventually, the baby whisperer effect worked its magic. Once she succumbed to the sweet embrace of sleep, the rest of the session unfolded seamlessly, yielding the most precious memories for her adoring parents.

Sheffield Lake Newborn Photographer Baby Girl Aubrey Purple
Sheffield Lake Newborn Photographer Baby Girl Aubrey
Sheffield Lake Newborn Photographer Baby Girl Aubrey Princess

As we delved deeper into Baby Aubrey's world, we discovered a special theme for her nursery – "Under the Sea." When I read this in her newborn session questionnaire, I just KNEW I had to do something that could be beautifully printed & hung to go along with that. When I arrived at the newborn photography studio that morning I went to the back, culling through all my photography props to find the perfect things to add. I was so happy to add this special touch to Baby Aubrey's newborn gallery. She looked the sweetest, chunky cheeks and all. In the end this added an extra layer of warmth and charm to her already adorable newborn gallery.

Mama Alyssa, overcome with emotion, shared how she had already witnessed the remarkable growth of her little one in just one short month. This time is so fleeting so I felt honored to freeze these moments in time through our lens, creating timeless images that Baby Aubrey's parents will cherish for a lifetime.

Each photograph tells a story, a chapter in the beautiful journey of Baby Aubrey's early days, with her parents Alyssa & Kaile. A journey we were privileged to document and share.

It is abundantly clear that Baby Aubrey is an extraordinary little soul, destined for a life filled with wonder and joy. May each step she takes be as enchanting as the moments we shared in the Ity Bity Studio, capturing the magic of her early days.

Sheffield Lake Newborn Photographer Baby Girl Aubrey Bright Eyes
Sheffield Lake Newborn Photographer Baby Girl Aubrey Bright Pink Bed
Sheffield Lake Newborn Photographer Baby Girl Aubrey Gold Stars

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Sheffield Lake Newborn Photographer Baby Girl Aubrey Pinks