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Maternity sessions take place sometime between 29-34 weeks of your pregnancy. We suggest booking your maternity & newborn sessions by 20-22 weeks along in your pregnancy to secure a guaranteed maternity spot. This is such a special moment in your life that is quickly fleeting so why not capture beautiful images before you miss this opportunity. Let us help you look & feel stunning during your pregnancy!

Mama Sumra Cleveland Maternity & Newborn Photographer

Welcome to Ity Bity Photography, in Avon Ohio where we capture the beautiful moments of your pregnancy through our specialized maternity sessions. Planning your maternity shoot is such an exciting step, and we're here to guide you through the process to ensure a memorable experience.

When is the Best Time to Shoot My Maternity Session?

We recommend booking your maternity session for a date that falls between 29-34 weeks along. This timeframe allows you to beautifully showcase your pregnancy baby bump while ensuring you're not uncomfortable. Shooting any later may also pose the risk of early labor, potentially causing you to miss your session with us which don't want. Our goal is to capture the essence of your pregnancy at its peak, creating stunning and timeless maternity memories.

What We Provide for Your Maternity Session

We want you to feel and look your best during your maternity session with us. That's why we provide everything you need. From a variety of maternity dresses to fabrics & jewelry, our studio is equipped to enhance your beauty & make your photos truly magical.

How Do I Prepare? What Do I Need to Bring?

As your scheduled session dates approach, we'll send you a comprehensive prep guide via email. This guide will cover all the details on how to prepare and what to expect during your maternity session. From wardrobe tips to posing guidance, we've got you covered. Following the prep guide ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience during your time in the studio.

How Far in Advance Should I Book?

For both maternity and newborn sessions, we recommend booking by 20 weeks along in your pregnancy. This ensures that we can schedule your sessions within the necessary time frames. Planning ahead allows us to accommodate your preferred dates and guarantees that we capture these precious moments at the perfect stage of your pregnancy and your newborn's arrival. This also gives us time to plan/prepare your dream maternity session for you.

Book your maternity session today and let us create stunning memories that will last a lifetime.

Maternity Mini


-3 Different looks MOM ONLY

- Access to 2 dresses from our client closet

-Digital images included

-Approximately 30 minutes of shooting time

-Prep Guide

Maternity Pure


-Professional hair and makeup provided

-4 Different looks MOM ONLY

-2 Timeless implied nude looks

- Full access to our client closet

-Digital images included

-Approximately 1 hour shooting time

-Prep Guide

Maternity Elite


-Professional hair and makeup provided

-5 to 7 different looks

-Variety of timeless implied nudes

-Significant other & children welcome

- Full access to our client closet

-Digital images included

-Approximately 2 hour shooting time

-Prep Guide

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Mama Amanda Maternity Pregnancy Photographer Independence Ohio
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Our Dresses

If you'd like to look through the dresses we currently have, check out our Instagram @ItyBityPhotography. Click on the "Our Dresses" story in our bio.

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