Newborn Photographer *MUST HAVES* | Cleveland Ohio Maternity & Newborn Photography

I have worked as a maternity & newborn photographer for over 9 years now. I’ve learned a LOT about the things I don’t need, & things I can’t live without while working. Here’s a few things that are a must in my book for a newborn studio & the why.

Newborn Photographer Must Haves in Cleveland Ohio

What You Need

*Rolling Cart -this is stocked with many needed items & can move with me with ease around the studio to each newborn baby set. I have posing beans, pacifiers, burp clothes, newborn brush, etc.

*Portable Heater -I could not do a session without one. Babies like to be warm! Warmer than you think. Our body temp is typically 98.6 which is why they LOVE being inside the womb. The heat helps them stay warm especially while transitioning into different outfits or wraps. Keep at a good distance & make sure to check every so often to make sure it isn’t too hot or not hot enough.

*Non Slip Socks -We need specific floors to lay backdrops & other things flat. That being said we don’t want to accidentally slip while holding a little one. We always wear non slip socks and make sure to have some backup ones in studio just in case we forget.

Newborn Baby Photography Props

*A sitting area for the parents -When I first started out I didn’t really have a designated area for parents to sit & relax. I will never go back to not having one. It not only ads to the comfortable & experience for the parents but also keeps them out of the way so you can work safely without running into them. They usually take this time to catch up on sleep, favorite shows, or just enjoy some peace on their phones while they enjoy our drinks/snack bar.

*A Bottle Warmer - You have no idea how handy this little thing is. Parents are always relived when they see we have one to use plus it saves time when baby is hungry.

*Bathroom Essentials -Stick on Nails, Bobby Pins, Pads, Spray Deodorant. These have all saved a parent in a pinch & we keep them readily available in our bathroom so they don’t even have to ask

*Strong Fabric Clips -These come in handy for so many things in the studio but ultimately I use them for mostly stretching fabric tight to save my sanity in photoshop later

Baby Photographer Prop Collection Must Haves

*Gloves - I personally have very cold hands, even in the middle of summer. Wearing thin gloves that have some grip to them are so so handy when posing baby. They jump less because they are not feeling my cold hands directly.

*Sound Machine or App - I use the app Sound Sleeper on my phone or one of our iPads. It stays on all session to soothe baby. We also use my phone for bts so it’s always near us anyways. You can also try out a baby shusher. We have one of those too from Amazon but it does turn off after 30 minutes.

*Props - This is a given but I wanted to add to not skimp on buying good quality props. When I first started I bought the cheapest things I could. What ends up happening is the stuff doesn’t last or you just simply don’t end up using. Invest in a few higher quality items & then slowly add more as you grow & learn.

I really hope this was helpful if you are just starting out in newborn photography or just want to learn more.