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One Year Liam

In the heart of Avon, Ohio, where cherished moments turn into lifelong memories, Ity Bity Photography Studio recently hosted a delightful cake smash session for the one and only Liam. I still can't believe we are already celebrating his One Year Birthday! Still seems like yesterday I was holding him as a newborn at only 8 days old. Now here we are smashing cake!

It's always fun working with this family as these children are not only adorable, but usually pretty happy which makes my job easier. However, like any One year old, Liam just woke up from a nap and was feeling a bit clingy towards his mom. But we knew just what to do! We discreetly tucked mom away in the bathroom until Liam warmed up and returned to his usual, happy self. Sometimes, flexibility is the key to capturing the best moments, and we certainly know how to adapt to the needs of our little stars.

The session kicked off with some formal shots and updated family images, all of which turned out to be absolutely adorable. Liam's smile, radiating pure happiness, filled the studio with warmth and laughter.

The cutest smile on One Year Liam during his cake smash session at Ity Bity Photography in Avon Ohio
Family Photographer One Year Cake Smash Cleveland Lakewood Ohio
Mommy & daughter Layla share the sweetest cheek kiss during brothers One year cake smash photography session Lakewood
Dad & son during One Year Cake smash session Cleveland Photographer

One Year Cake Smash

Baby Boy Liam | Cleveland Photography

One of the unique aspects of this cake smash session was the theme chosen by Liam's mom - a muted dinosaur theme. The colors were as cute as could be, perfectly reflecting Liam's vibrant personality. The stage was set for an unforgettable cake smashing experience.

Liam took his time savoring every bite of the delicious cake before him. His delight was evident in his face, making for some precious candid shots.

What added an extra layer of sweetness to this session was Liam's sister, Layla, who couldn't resist joining in on the cake-smashing fun. The love and joy shared between siblings during these moments are truly heartwarming and a testament to the bonds that last a lifetime.

Dinosaur Cake Smash One Year Baby Liam Avon Photographer
Green Neutral Cake Smash Dino Avon Ohio Photographer
Dinosaur Cake Smash One Year Cleveland Ohio Photographer
Cleveland Photographer Photoshoot Avon Ohio One Year Cake Smash Session
Baby Liam One Year Cake Smash Avon Ohio Photographer
Avon Ohio Photography Cake Smash One Year
Sibling Family images in Cleveland Ohio Newborn Baby Portraits

One Year Bath Clean Up

liam | Avon ohio

After the cake-smashing extravaganza, it was time for cleanup. Most children adore the little bathtub at Ity Bity Photography Studio, and Liam was no exception. As his mama gently placed him in the water, he was ready to make a splash. Laughter filled the room as he enjoyed every moment, making the mess absolutely worth it.

In the end, Liam's cake smash photography session at Ity Bity Photography Studio was a resounding success. Can't wait to see them soon for a Fall outdoor family session that will be beautiful!

One Year Bath Tub Clean Up Cleveland Ohio Photoshoot
Baby One Year Cake Smash Session Avon Ohio Photographer
All Smiles One Year at Ity Bity Photography Avon Ohio
Cleveland Photographer One Year Cake Smash Bath Clean Up Smiles

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