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Baby Everleigh | One Year

It's a special day at the Ity Bity Photography studio as we celebrate the first birthday of a little girl named Everleigh. This adorable one-year-old has brought so much joy to her family, and we were honored to capture these precious moments for them to cherish forever.

To kick off the photoshoot, we started with some updated mom & baby pictures. Everleigh's mom arrived looking her best, ready to capture the love and bond they share as mother & daughter. Everleigh, dressed in the cutest deep mauve dress, looked like a little princess. Her big, sparkling eyes were full of curiosity and excitement. The camera loved her, and her sweet smile melted our hearts.

After the family portraits, it was time to focus solely on little Everleigh. We set up a regular portrait session to capture her adorable personality and priceless expressions. The deep mauve dress looked absolutely stunning on her, and her tiny hands and feet were just too cute for words. We added a pearl bracelet & hair bow for the perfect touch to her look.

One Year Everleigh Mommy & Baby Cake Smash Session Formal Photos Elyria Ohio
Elyria Cleveland Ohio Formal One Year Photographer Birthday

Baby Everleigh | One Year Cake Smash | Butterfly Birthday

The real fun began when we moved onto the cake smash portion of the session. I had carefully designed a gorgeous pastel butterfly-themed set that Everleigh's mom absolutely gushed over. The set was filled with soft, pastel colors and delicate decorations that perfectly complemented Everleigh's sweet nature. It was a whimsical world of butterflies and magic, created just for her.

Everleigh couldn't contain her excitement as she saw the beautifully adorned cake for the first time. With utmost delicacy, she dove into the cake before mom could even leave the set. I couldn't help but smile as I captured every messy, delightful moment.

Not only did the cake make for incredible photos, but it also provided an opportunity for Everleigh to explore her senses and learn through play. Smearing the frosting on her hands, feeling the texture between her fingers, and tasting the sugary goodness allowed her to experience new sensations and develop her cognitive and motor skills. It was a messy but oh-so-fun sensory adventure!

One Year Cake Smash at Ity Bity Photography Cleveland Oh
One Year Girl Everleigh Butterfly Cake Smash Photography Session | Cleveland Elyria Ohio
Butterfly Cake Smash Session Ity Bity Photography Avon Ohio Cleveland

Vintage Tub Bath Splash | Everleigh Cake Smash

After the cake smash, it was time for a little clean-up. I prepared the tub so I could start photographing the cutest bath splash, complete with a vintage tub. Everleigh immediately giggled and started splashing water everywhere once mom put her in. The sight of her tiny toes peeking was simply heartwarming. We made sure to capture all the happiest smiles and purest moments of joy as Everleigh played in the bath. The bath splash portion not only provided a chance for Everleigh to clean up but also allowed me to capture her infectious laughter and amazing personality.

Everleigh Butterfly Cake Smash Session Photoshoot Cle
Bath splash Cleveland Photographer Family One Year Session Photography
Cleveland Elyria One Year cake smash photography smiles photoshoot

Happy One Year Birthday Everleigh!

Happy one year, baby Everleigh! Your first birthday celebration was filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments. We are grateful to have been a part of this special milestone and to have captured the essence of your joyful personality on camera.

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