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Baby claudio | 6 Days New

Baby Claudio came into my Ity Bity Photography studio in Avon, Ohio at just 6 days new. He had the most adorable cheeks, weighing in at a little over 8lbs. Mom & Dad are brand new parents & you could tell they were extra sleepy (which is to be expected) but SO in love with little Dio. We got started with his solo sets while mom got to relax & get all glammed up by our professional hair & makeup team. We captured some smiles of baby Dio during our time together which was the sweetest sight. He slept so good for us like the dream baby he is & I enjoyed every second of him. Dio's parents come from big families, so I am sure they are all loving on him just as much as I did.

Cleveland & Family photography Baby Dio in froggy pose in green outfit Avon Photographer
Cleveland Newborn Photography Session Baby Dio on a cute wooden swing Avon Ohio
Newborn Baby Dio Newborn Photography Session in Avon Ohio from Cleveland Baby Boy Smiles

Newborn & Family Photographer | Avon Ohio

Isabella, Szymon, & Dio

In the world of newborn photography, parents are an integral part of creating beautiful memories. Mama Isabella and Dad Szymon understood the importance of this, and they actively participated in the parent photos. Baby Dio is SO lucky to have Isabella & Szymon as his parents. Just watching them with baby Dio you could tell how much he meant to them & the magnitude of their love for him. Their presence in these images added depth & emotion, making them more meaningful and memorable for the entire family.

Mama Isabella chose neutral solid colors for the photoshoot, which created a timeless and classic look. This choice ensures that the images will remain stunning and relevant for years to come, preserving the memory of Baby Dio's first days for generations. I am so thrilled with the outcome. I mean... just LOOK how stunning!

Family & Newborn Photographer Cleveland Ohio Ity Bity Photography
Mama & baby Dio Love Newborn Baby Photography Session Avon Ohio Photographer Family
Cleveland Newborn Photographer Baby Dio with New Parents Ity Bity Photography
Newborn Baby Dio Photo Session Avon Ohio Baby Photographer Mama & Baby in Blue

Baby Dio | Newborn Photography Session | Avon Ohio

Dio's Bright Future Ahead

Baby Dio's photoshoot at the Ity Bity Photography studio in Avon, Ohio was a day filled with love, joy, & cherished moments. It captured the early days of a new, loving family and showcased the beauty of life. Thanks to my skilled team & the family's thoughtful choices, these images will serve as timeless keepsakes, allowing Baby Claudio to relive the magic of his first days whenever he looks at them in his upcoming years. It's a reminder that the best memories are those that are lovingly captured and beautifully preserved. I am excited to see baby Dio grow throughout the year & see what his future has in store for him. We absolutely adore you baby Dio & can't wait to see you again soon!

P.s. I can't forget a Big Congratulations is in order to these parents on their recent engagement! Yay!

Newborn Baby Photographer Cleveland Ohio Baby Dio holding a teddy bear

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Grumpy Face Dio during his newborn & family photography session at Ity Bity Photography in Avon Ohio near Cleveland

Funny Grumpy Face We Captured of Baby Dio

Cleveland Newborn Photographer Baby Dio with Dad Ity Bity Photography

Dad brought a special "Dad" shirt which we all thought was hilarious. I think Dio needs a matching "Son" one once he's a toddler.

Check out images from mom & dad's maternity session below before baby Dio was born

Mama Isabella Maternity Photography Session in Avon Ohio at Ity Bity Photography Pregnancy Stunning Photos
Mama Isabella & her Fiancé Maternity Photography Session in Avon Ohio at Ity Bity Photography Pregnancy
Mama Isabella Maternity Photography Session in Avon Ohio at Ity Bity Photography Pregnancy