FAQ about your photography session

How far in advance should I book?

For a maternity & newborn session you should book both by 20 weeks along to ensure we can get you in around the time frame necessary.

For 6-9 months milestone sessions, cake smashes & outdoor family we suggest booking at least 2 months prior but sometimes 3 months around our busy season. 

What is the best age to photograph my baby? 

Between 5-12 Days old is our sweet spot but any time before 15 days new is perfect! Please still reach out if your little one is over 15 days old as we might still be able to make it work!

When is the best time to shoot my maternity session?

We recommend between 29-34 weeks along! We want you to be showing but not super uncomfortable yet. Also shooting any later can run the risk of you going into labor early & missing your session.

Do you provide the props?

We provide everything needed for your Maternity & Newborn Sessions. We have an abundance of maternity dresses, fabrics & jewelry to use for your maternity session. For newborns we have outfits, wraps, headbands, props, etc. so you don't have to bring anything.

For Sitter Session Milestones we provide the outfits but you are able to bring your own in place of ours if you'd like. We do not provide headbands & hats typically for these types of sessions.

For Cake Smash Sessions we provide the formal set, a custom balloon garland & matching cake for the cake smash set. We have a collection of cake smash outfits you are welcome to use or can bring your own. When booking we will discuss what you are looking for in terms of colors & we will match both sets to the outfits you choose to bring/ones of ours you pick.

What if my baby arrives earlier/later than my due date & it doesn't line up with my booked session date anymore? 

We have you book ahead of time for this exact reason! We only allow a certain number of babies each week & keep open what we call "buffer dates". These are for our booked clients only & are used for this scenario. As long as you keep us updated and let us know within 48 hours of your babies arrival we will work on moving you to the best buffer date that will work. If you do not book a date ahead of time you can not use our buffer dates. 

How do I prepare? What do I need to bring?

As your scheduled session dates get closer we will send you a prep guide email that goes over how to prepare & what to expect during the session. These will explain everything you'll need to know & do beforehand to ensure a good outcome while you are in studio. If a week before your session you don't receive one please contact us & we will send one over immediately. These will go to the email we have on file for you.

My little one has a scrape/bruise on their face from falling a couple days ago. Will it show in their photos?

This is part of our editing process. Anything that is not permanent on your body we will do our best to remove while editing. We want parents to look/feel their best & also have little ones bruise free. We know how crazy 1-2 year old's can be as they learn to walk/run/climb. We definitely understand & keep this in mind. Please do not worry! Also mamas if your arms are bruised from your IV's during your hospital stay we will remove this as well.

Covid-19 Precautions

Before Covid hit we already had a lot of practices in place such as:

*washing & sanitizing our hands throughout sessions

*cleaning & sanitizing all props after each use 

* Washing all of our outfits, wraps, dresses, props in studio so that they never have to leave our studio. This will help prevent cross contamination.

*only allowing one family in studio at a time

*cleaning studio between each client

*If you are sick in anyway STAY HOME. We do not come in if we are sick & will reschedule & so should you! This includes all of your children, husbands or anyone you are close with that may be sick. Don't risk it & please reschedule. 

Things we have changed after Covid:​​​​​​​

*Only family members being photographed are allowed in studio. Sorry grandparents! If you are not in the images you can not attend. We welcome brief facetime calls during cake smashes if husbands or grandparents want to see a portion of the session though. 

It is our goal to keep the amount of people in studio each day to a minimum. We deal with such little babes so its our top priority to keep them safe while also keeping our staff safe as well.

We didn't have to change a lot since Covid started as illness in general has always been our biggest priority to prevent. No matter what happens with Covid in the future we will continue to keep our environment as safe as possible to not only prevent Covid spread but other illnesses as well.

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