Berea Ohio Newborn Photographer | Baby Crew | 10 Days New

At our Ity Bity Photography studio in Avon Ohio, baby Crew recently visited with his family. Crew was just 10 days old and is the sweetest newest addition to the family. His parents, Kirsten and Mike, were so excited to have him join the family and could not wait to capture this special moment in their lives. His parents were even more excited, bringing along two Doberman puppies that were so happy to meet their new human. We captured lots of sweet family shots, as well as some of just baby Crew and the pups.

Newborn Crew with Doberman Puppy | Cleveland Ohio
Newborn Photographer Baby Crew with Doberman Puppies | Cleveland Ohio
Newborn Crew with Doberman Puppy | Berea Ohio

Family Photography Shots | Ohio

In addition to the puppy shots, we also did some individual shots of baby Crew with mom and dad. These newborn photography shots are some of our favorites to take, as they capture the connection between parent and child. We took a variety of shots with each parent, from close-up shots of them holding baby Crew to more distant shots that highlighted their bond with him.

Newborn Baby Photography family Cleveland Ohio Baby Crew
Cleveland Ohio Newborn Family Photographer
Avon Ohio Newborn Baby Photographer Baby Crew

Class is in session

Mama Kirsten is a teacher, so we were especially excited to create a special school image of baby Crew for her classroom. We had him pose with some books and a tiny chalkboard, which made for an incredibly special image for Kirsten to share with her colleagues.

Newborn Baby Crew School Image Berea Ohio near Cleveland Photography

Treasured Memories

We had so much fun with baby Crew, his parents, and their puppies at our Avon Ohio studio. It was an honor to be able to capture this special moment in their lives and we are so happy with how the photos turned out. We are sure that Kirsten and Mike will treasure these photos for years to come and we’re looking forward to seeing them again soon.

Baby Photographer Cleveland Ohio
Newborn Baby Photographer Cleveland Ohio
Avon Ohio Newborn Baby Photographer

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