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Baby Girl Naomie

In the heart of Avon Ohio, where dreams are crafted into visual stories, I had the immense pleasure of welcoming baby girl, Naomie, into our world. At just 9 days old, Naomie graced our studio with her innocence and charm. Mama Maggie asked for a variety of colors so that's what we did for her sets. Her gallery is so colorful yet soft & classy.

Naomie's mother is not only a devoted mom but also a talented professional in the world of lash artistry & hair. To celebrate her craft, we designed the cutest custom spa set for her. A girl deserves a little pampering after being in the womb all that time, am I right ladies? Of course, we had to incorporate a little lash brush too that mom had on hand. It was the PERFECT touch.

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Baby Naomie | Fairview Newborn Photography

Flip Flops & Laughter

Sometimes, the most precious moments are the unplanned ones. As we were capturing the spa set, little Naomie surprised us all by playfully flinging off her tiny flip flops, much to everyone's amusement. Her spontaneous act of innocence brought genuine laughter to the entire studio. This moment of playfulness turned out to be a charming coincidence, as her father happens to own a remarkable shoe company that crafts custom footwear for esteemed clients, including high-profile figures like Baker Mayfield and his wife Emily. The irony of this occurrence left us all chuckling, and it was a heartwarming reminder of how destiny has its own way of intertwining our lives with delightful surprises. I can't wait to see what her father custom designs for her to wear as she grows.

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Tiny Details & Love | Cleveland Photography

Meeting baby Naomie during her first days and capturing those tiny details was an experience filled with wonder, laughter, and unexpected connections. I am so honored I could be a part of it. She is an amazing little girl who has so much ahead of her. I can't wait to see what is in store for her. You are already so loved baby Naomie!

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