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Baby John

Little Baby John came into the Ity Bity Photography Avon studio at only 8 days old. He was the sweetest little guy who slept in a deep sleep for his entire photography session with us. What a DREAM baby he is! His moms only request for the session was that she wanted a rainbow baby set to honor her motherhood journey & the challenges she faced to get to this little guy. I put together multiple rainbow baby looks for newborn John. The rest of the session we did a variety of colors. He even decided to give us a smile in the moon prop!

Baby John Cleveland Hinckley Ohio Newborn & Family Photographer Rainbow Baby IVF
Baby John Cleveland Hinckley Ohio Newborn & Family Photographer
Baby John Smile Hinckley Ohio Newborn & Family Photographer

Hinckley - Cleveland Ohio | Mommy & Baby

Can we first talk about how absolutely stunning this mama is? Let's go right into what everyone is going to be asking me about first.... Her hair is real... YES REAL! I swear this is what my hair goal dreams are made of. With a touch of our glam team magic, this mama transformed into a true goddess for her session.

Gorgeous Mama Hinckley Ohio Newborn & Family Photographer
Gorgeous Mama Hinckley Ohio Newborn & Family Photography Photoshoot
Stunning Mother with Newborn Baby Boy Rainbow Baby Cleveland Avon Ohio Photographer Pictures

Sibling Scarlett | Newborn & Family Photography

I had the pleasure of working with this family for not only baby John's newborn session but their daughter Scarlett's as well. Their daughter Scarlett borrowed the cutest dress from our client closet for her special picture with her new baby brother & looked so beautiful. She really loved our egg chair and even grabbed a blanket to take a pretend nap in while we finished working with her brother. She was so captivating to watch & such a doll.

Baby John & his big sister Scarlett during Newborn & Family Session at Ity Bity Photography in Avon Cleveland Ohio
Newborn John and Sibling Sister Scarlett during baby photoshoot Cleveland Avon Ohio

Baby John | Newborn Photography | Avon Ohio

As I look at Baby John now, I can't help but imagine the person he'll become—the adventures he'll embark upon, the dreams he'll chase, and the impact he'll make on the world.

So, here's to you, Baby John. While I can't predict the twists and turns that life has in store for you, I eagerly await each chapter of your story. As you continue to grow, learn, and explore, know that you are loved beyond measure. Your journey is our journey, and together, we'll embrace every moment and savor every memory. Here's to the future, little one—may it be as bright and beautiful as your beginnings.

Baby John Rainbow Baby Cleveland Hinckley Ohio Newborn & Family Photographer Ity Bity Photography Avon

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Cutest little Baby John Newborn Photographer Cleveland Avon ohio