Easter Minis 2023 at Ity Bity

We had SO MUCH FUN with Mrs. Fluff at this year's Easter Mini sessions at our Avon studio. Our little clients absolutely LOVED Fluff & had such a great time with her. The children's expressions say it all in each image! The laughs, the smiles, the giggles were all so amazing to watch as Mrs. Fluff hopped around, reached to sniff carrots (& some faces haha) & genuinely enjoyed her time in the studio with all the kids.

Two year old and 6 month old with Easter Bunny near Avon Ohio Northeast Photographer
Smiles for Easter Spring at Ity Bity Photography in Avon Ohio
Two Year Old & One Year Old with Easter Bunny in Westlake Ohio

Every year we try to make our sessions extra special for the Ity Bity Club members. They always get first dibs on booking time slots for the Avon studio in Ohio. Typically, they sell out in a matter of 30 minutes & you know why? Because they are an experience. Not only do these parents get incredible images during Easter but the children get a day out of the house filled with adventure which is honestly what I'm here for. THE. FUN. I can't tell you how many children run into the studio to find me and hug me out of excitement! ME?! It's truly a blessing to watch these kids get so much enjoyment out of being here.

I remember the days when my mom would drag me to the photographer down the road that would do the absolute bare minimum which is so crazy to think about now. Not only were the photos not ideal but the whole experience was miserable for me & my family. Once I became a photographer, I knew I wanted to be different. Not only do I love children but why not have children love me back? I want smiles, laughter, & pure fun while we are together, so they don't dread pictures like I once did.

I meannn.... come on. Look at these smiles.