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This little angel came in with a gorgeous full head of hair & the sweetest cheeks. From the moment I laid my eyes on her, I couldn't help but melt at her tiny, delicate features. She had the tiniest pair of rosy, pink lips that I had ever seen. Her name was a mystery as mom & dad wanted to see & hold her first to decide what fit her most. We threw around a few names as mom wanted our input. I think all the names she suggested were beautiful but one in particular was very fitting. I can't wait to find out what they decided on for her! FYI she looks so much like her big sister T!

Edit: They decided on the beautiful name London!

Newborn Baby Photographer Family session Avon Ohio
Neutrals Boho Newborn Baby and Family Photography Session Cleveland Ohio
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THE REACTIONS | Newborn Photography Session | Avon Ohio

Mom asked for some subtle colors with a couple neutrals sprinkled in for her baby girl's newborn photography session. Baby girl looked GORGEOUS during her session & was such a good little baby. I kept giving her compliments while posing her & she gave me a couple grins as a thanks. We even asked her what she thought about a few different name choices waiting patiently for her to react to each. It was super comical to watch her make angry faces at some of the fake names we threw out to her. I swear she KNEW what we were doing & said "no thank you" to those names lol.

Newborn Baby and Family Photography Session Cleveland Ohio
Newborn Baby Photography Westlake Ohio Cleveland Cutest

the before MAGIC | Baby Photography

As I prepared for the session, I couldn't contain my own excitement. I knew that this special family has gone through a grueling journey to get to this point in welcoming their new baby girl. Capturing those precious moments of a newborn baby's early days is always a privilege, but this time, it felt even more significant. This family entrusted me with preserving the innocence, beauty, and love surrounding their little one through my photographs, and I was determined to do justice to their trust. As I clicked the shutter and saw these beautiful images appear on my camera screen, I knew I had captured something truly magical for them. She was absolutely precious and the epitome of cuteness which I was so grateful to be apart of. I hope this family enjoys every second with their newest addition & cherishes these photographs for years to come.

Newborn Photographer Cleveland Ohio Westlake Baby & Family

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Baby Girl during her newborn session at Ity Bity Photography in Avon Ohio
Lemon Newborn Baby Girl Photography Photoshoot Avon Ohio