North Ridgeville Newborn Photography Session

Baby Rory | 7 Days Fresh

Hello, everyone! Shannon here, photographer at Ity Bity Photography in Avon, Ohio, and I'm thrilled to share the heartwarming story of baby boy Rory's newborn and family session. Baby Rory's newborn photography session was truly a special one, filled with love, tradition, and adorable moments. He came to see me at just 7 days new & was the sweetest little guy. We did a lot of planning to make sure we captured special moments geared towards this family's traditions & hobbies.

We started with Baby Rory & some furry friends. His family brought along multiple Peter Rabbit bunnies and an original Peter Rabbit book that held a special place in his dad's heart. What made this even more remarkable is that they traveled all the way to England, where his dad grew up, to bring this cherished book back with them. The connection to this timeless story added a beautiful touch to Rory's session, and it's clear that family traditions run deep. These will go great in his Peter Rabbit nursery which I can't wait to see!

Baby Boy Rory during Newborn & Family Photography session in Avon Ohio with Peter Rabbit theme
North Ridgeville Photographer Baby Rory during Newborn & Family Photography session in Avon Ohio
Baby Rory during Newborn & Family Photography session in Avon Ohio with Peter Rabbit theme

Sisterly Love | Avon Newborn & Family Photographer

Big Sister Annabella & Baby Brother Rory

During mom's maternity session, I had the pleasure of meeting big sister Annabella, who had a fascination with photography from the get-go. Her enthusiasm for being behind the camera with me, pushing buttons & looking at each image was so infectious that her parents decided to buy her a toy camera of her own. When Annabella joined us for her baby brother's newborn session, she became my little shadow, mirroring my every move. It was the most endearing sight, and she even set up her own tiny stool beside mine to take pictures with her camera. I couldn't help but suggest that she could be my new assistant shooter, which she absolutely loved. Annabella's genuine interest in photography made the session even more memorable & something I will always remember.

Baby Rory and Big Sister during Newborn & Family Photography session near North Ridgeville Ohio in pram
Baby Rory and Big Sister Annabella during Newborn Photography session in Avon Ohio

Family & Newborn Session | North Ridgeville Ohio Photographer

Family Traditions

To make the session even more personal, we included a sweet little golf-themed photo for baby Rory, inspired by his dad's love for the game. It's these personal touches that make each session unique and reflective of the family's personality and interests.

This newborn photography session with baby Rory and his family was truly a dream. It's moments like these that remind me why I love what I do. Capturing the love, traditions, and unique personalities of each family is a privilege that I cherish.

Newborn & Family Photographer North Ridgeville Ohio Parent Photos
All the smiles at Ity Bity Photography, Parents wearing shades of blue as well as big sister
Cleveland Newborn Photographer Golf Set for Baby & Family Photography Session North ridgeville Ohio

Thank you, Rory's family, for letting me be a part of these special moments, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for this wonderful family.

Baby Rory and Mama during Newborn Photography session in Avon Ohio

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Annabella My Assistant Photographer.

Behind the Scenes of Annabella being my little photographer shadow