Cleveland - Avon Ohio Photography | Tea Party Mini Session

High Tea anyone? These mini sessions were a blast! I love doing photography for little ones while also creating a fun, memorable experience. It's not JUST about the adorable photos... but also about having a good time together & creating fun enjoyable memories that are unique to each family. These girls were so entertaining! Watching them play the part of queens, pouring each other tea & even one saying, "pinkies up!" was a real sight to see. Oh, what an incredible imagination children have. We sang, we danced, we ran, we even stopped to smell the flowers. I learn so much from these littles about life. How freeing it can be to just stop & enjoy something just as simple as a rose.

Cleveland - Avon Family Photographer Tea Party Mini Sessions
Tea Party Mini Photography Session Cleveland - Avon Ohio Photographer
Sister Love by Ity Bity Photography Cleveland Ohio Family Mini Photographer
Cutie Pies Holding Roses for Tea Party Mini Photography Session with Ity Bity Photography Eylria Ohio

Smell the Roses | Cleveland - Avon Ohio Photography

Always remember if you are having a tough day, to stop, take a minute & smell the roses. It might just turn your day around.

Ity Bity Photography Cleveland - Avon Ohio Family Mini Session Photographer

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