Westlake Newborn & Family Photographer

Baby Julia | 10 Days New

In the cozy ambiance of our Avon Ity Bity Photography's studio, Baby Julia stole the spotlight in a heartwarming newborn photography session. From the moment she strolled into the studio, her undeniable cuteness was impossible to ignore. Baby Julia, with her dark hair, presented a delightful contrast to her big brother Jack, who, in his early days, sported a light blonde look. It was a charming déjà vu for me as she looked SO much like her brother Jack when he was a baby, I felt like I was transported in time. She turned out to be such a perfect blend of both mom and dad & the best addition to the family.

Mama Laurel envisioned a palette of purples & neutrals for Julia's special sets & some more earthy tones for the family portraits, creating a serene and timeless look. They really turned out amazing & I'm sure will look gorgeous when printed & hung in her nursery.

Westlake Newborn Baby Photographer | Baby Julia in purple floral wrapped set pictures
Westlake Newborn Baby Photographer | Baby Julia in Purple Bed looking so adorable
Westlake Newborn Baby Photographer | Baby Julia in Purple Bucket
Westlake Newborn Baby Photographer | Baby Julia in Pink Purples in Froggy Pose
Westlake Newborn Baby Photographer | Baby Julia in Pink Purples in side Froggy Pose

Cleveland Family & Sibling Photographer

Big brother Jack & his new baby sister Julia

Even though big brother Jack, just 14 months older, was initially unsure about his baby sister, the camera captured a different story. Jack's pictures revealed an absolute star, flashing the most adorable smiles and expressions while cradling his new sibling. The sibling bond shone through, portraying the beginnings of what I think will be the best of buddies.

Cleveland Family & Sibling Photographer | Baby Julia & Jack sibling pictures
Westlake Newborn Baby Sibling Image with Big brother Photographer
Brother Jack All smiles during his sisters Newborn & Family Photography Session in Avon

The session took a truly touching turn when we put Baby Julia in a special outfit, a sentimental piece that was once wore by her mother as a little baby.

Westlake Baby Photographer in moms baby outfit pink with polka dots

Westlake Newborn & Parent Photographer

Mama Laurel, Father Jay, Big Brother Jack & Baby Julia

With Mama Laurel pampered by our professional hair and makeup team, the family was ready for the much-anticipated group photos. Wrapped in love and beautifully coordinated outfits, the family radiated joy and warmth, creating images that will be cherished for a lifetime.

As the session unfolded, I had the privilege of witnessing the growth of this family into a family of now four.

I can't wait to see them again for milestones as they grow together. You made two good ones Laurel & Jay! You should be proud.

Beautiful Family Mom & Dad holding newborn baby girl Julia during Westlake Newborn Photographer Pictures
Mommy & New Baby Westlake Newborn & Family Photographer Gorgeous
Westlake Newborn & Family Portrait Photography Family in greens & siblings in neutrals all smiles

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