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Baby Patrick | 8 Days New

At just 8 days new and weighing 7lbs 11 oz, baby Patrick arrived at our studio for his newborn photography session, bringing along his infectious charm & a family bursting with love. It was a delight to capture the essence of this beautiful family again, with baby Patrick joining his cute, blonde haired sisters Margaret and Eleanor in their adorable adventures.

From the moment they walked in, it was evident that this session would be filled with laughter & a whole bunch of cuteness. To coax out those genuine smiles and giggles, parents brought good ole jellybeans. Yes, sometimes a little bribery is necessary, but the results are always worth it. I resorted to a tried-and-true method of mine – pretending to throw them & have them catch each one in their mouths! After all, nothing beats the joy of capturing those authentic moments of childhood happiness as they giggled each time that I threw one & "missed".

Speaking of genuine smiles, we believe in steering clear of anything that might result in scary, forced grins! Our goal is to capture the natural joy of each child, & we achieved just that with Margaret and Eleanor. They were so sweet showering their new baby brother with love and affection which made all our hearts melt.

Westlake Newborn & Family Photographer Baby Patrick Sister Sibling Girls

Parents & Siblings | Newborn Session

Baby Patrick, Sister Eleanor & Margaret

Of course, Mama Megan was a vision of beauty herself. With the help of our incredible glam team, she was able to relax and enjoy the newborn session experience fully. Because let's face it, these moments pass by in the blink of an eye, and it's crucial for moms to savor every second.

One of the most touching aspects of this session was the continuity we achieved. We made sure to recreate images similar to those taken with Eleanor two years ago when she was just 8 days old herself. Baby Patrick held the same bear this time but in cream, creating a beautiful visual representation of the bond between siblings.

Baby Eleanor 8 Days New Westlake Ohio Photographer

Baby Eleanor | 8 Days New

Westlake Newborn & Family Photographer Baby Patrick Bear

Baby Patrick | 8 Days New

As a photographer, it's moments like these that remind me of the importance of my work. Capturing the love, laughter, and connection within a family is a privilege, and we're honored to be a part of their journey. Baby Patrick and his family will have these timeless images to cherish for years to come, serving as a reminder of the joy and beauty of this precious time in their lives.

We look forward to watching baby Patrick grow and capturing many more precious memories with this wonderful family.

-Love Shannon at Ity Bity Photography

Westlake Newborn & Family Photographer Baby Patrick Close Up Detail Images